breast health with acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, the root of breast disease is stagnation. In its mildest form, this poor circulation is reflected as premenstrual breast distension or pain. At its most severe, it becomes the Stagnation of Blood & Qi with Toxic Heat of a malignant breast tumor. Benign breast lumps, cysts and / or pain lie somewhere on the continuum of stagnation, usually involving the JueYin (Liver) and YangMing (Stomach) meridians.

The key to preventing and treating breast disease in Chinese Medicine therefore is to optimize the circulation of Qi and Blood in the breasts. That means always, not just when lumps or intolerable pain manifest. A treatment plan for breast health (prevention, breast lumps, breast cancer) using TCM theory would generally look something like this:

– Acupressure / TuiNa / Cupping (meridian massage)

– Acupuncture (optimizing your flow of energy with tiny needles)

– Chinese Herbal Medicine (prescribed specifically for you and your situation)

– Dietary recommendations (reduce (eliminate!) sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol to start with, then incorporate foods which will benefit your constitution)

– Lifestyle explorations (emotional health, sleep hygiene, stress and your stress response, etc…)

Qi Gong (meridian exercises)


If you live in the Vancouver area, phone Yinstill at 604-873-9355 and ask for a complementary 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Erin Flynn to discuss how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you!

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