I’ve been practising acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, BC since 2006, focusing mainly on women’s health and fertility.  I’ve witnessed some truly inspiring journeys of health and life, and also some heartbreaking loss.  Each new person teaches me more about the beauty of this medicine, and the depth of the human Heart.  You and I can work together to find the best ways to allow your circulation to flow smoothly and your body to be balanced.

I’m also a mom, a partner, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, and a friend.  Consciously creating a fluid transition between these roles keep my own circulation flowing smoothly.   I also know first-hand the importance of quality sleep, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and finding ways to calm the body and the Spirit.

If you’d like more information on how Traditional Chinese Medicine can optimize your health & wellness (and you live in the Vancouver area), please call Yinstill Reproductive Wellness at 604.873.9355.  I’d be happy to chat on the phone, we can discuss how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you.

Dr. Erin Flynn, Dr. TCM, MSc, BA, FABORM

Dr. Erin Flynn (Dr. TCM, MSc, BA, FABORM)




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