breast health

The key to breast health in Traditional Chinese Medicine is to optimize the circulation of Qi and Blood through the breasts, minimizing any stagnation of flow.  In most women, the first sign that circulation in the breasts is beginning to stagnate is premenstrual breast tenderness / pain.  The most severe stagnation manifests as malignant breast cancer.  Benign lumps and cysts lie somewhere in the middle of the breast stagnation continuum.

Things which promote the circulation of Qi and Blood in the breasts:

  • regular deep breaths – expand and open your chest with simple but powerful slow deep mindful breaths
  • acupuncture – optimize meridian circulation with tiny needles
  • acupressure / tuina / cupping – meridian massage
  • hatha yoga – relax your body and open up your chakras
  • chinese herbal medicine – prescribed specifically for your body’s constitution
  • qi gong / tai chi – meridian exercise
  • lymphatic drainage – with a good massage therapist
  • managing stress and properly venting emotions
  • minimize / eliminate toxic environmental exposure
  • breastfeed if possible – complete the maturation of mammary tissue

Things which stagnate the circulation of Qi and Blood in the breasts:

  • smoking – introducing toxic heat into the lungs is not good for the breast tissue
  • overuse of stimulants / caffeine / alcohol – they dry up the Yin fluid and congeals the Blood
  • wearing a bra, especially with underwire – they block the vertical flow of Foot JueYin (Liver) and Foot YangMing (Stomach) meridians
  • antiperspirants – they block the waste fluid from leaving the armpits, stagnating the local lymphatic breast tissue
  • repressing / suppressing negative emotions – this disrupts the smooth flow of Qi
  • not breastfeeding – incomplete development of mammary tissue

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